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  1. TrueLight treats all employees and applicants equally and fairly with respect and dignity regardless of one's race, religion, nationality, age or other reasons.
  2. TrueLight sets its policy for the company-labor relations according to the corresponding government laws and regulations. Also an employee welfare committee is established to conduct the related welfare matters.
  3. TrueLight provides company paid regular health examination programs and arranges a licensed physician for health consultation & assessment services in house monthly to all employees.
  4. TrueLight provides on job training, also we sponsors and encourages employees to take skill enhancement lessons and pursue advanced college degrees.
  5. TrueLight offers effective communication channels for employees to submit their opinions or comments conveniently:
    • TrueLight solemnly declares its policy against violence or physical threats in the company. A company mailbox is designated for the related complaint and communication.
    • TrueLight organizes meetings between management and employees when it is needed. It offers an effective channel to improve the labor and management relationship. Besides the company mailbox, employees may express their opinions via letters or phone calls.
TrueLight has drawn up “The Handling Procedure of Customer Complaints” to process customer complaints towards our product quality and support service in time. Besides the above procedure, TrueLight also conducts the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to handle customer feedback on a regular basis. By executing these procedures, we would effectively provide customer with better service and continuously improve customer relationship to achieve the win-win goal. Suppliers should comply with TrueLight's requirements on “Affidavit for Complying with the Guideline of Requisite Safety and Health Requirements for Company Purchase Orders, Procurement/Leasing Contracts”, “Guarantee of Hazardous Substances Free”, and “Free of any rightful claim of any third party for infringement of any trade secret, trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property right”. TrueLight is committed to building a “green supply chain”, attending to global environmental issues, and exerting its influence on supplier chain partners to follow. TrueLight sets up an Investor Relations Division to deal with our shareholders' suggestions and questions. Abiding by government regulations, TrueLight releases important information on “Market Observation Post System” periodically or irregularly. TrueLight website also links to “Market Observation Post System” in order to disclose relevant information which might affect shareholders & potential investor interest. Shareholders may send their suggestions to our spokesperson directly or contact us via Investor Relations website, Email, or Company Hotline.
  1. TrueLight takes on its social responsibilities by setting up the Environmental Protection and Labor Safety/Health policies to protect and co-exist with the natural environment. Also, by implementing the ISO 9000 Quality Management standards TrueLight's sustainable corporate management goal can be insured.
  2. TrueLight satisfies and meets customer needs in the testing /production process technologies and packaging materials including the compliance with the EU Environmental Directives (RoHS) to prohibit or restrict the use of harmful substances.
  3. TrueLight abides by the government regulations and laws on the Waste Management rigorously.
  4. TrueLight embraces and encourages the use of environmentally friendly packaging material to reduce waste and increase the resource recyclability.
  5. TrueLight initiates an employee training program for the Awareness of Environmental Protection, Resource Recycling, and Energy Saving.
  6. TrueLight abides by the government environmental protection regulations and actively supports government sponsored promotional affairs.
Job Title Name Main academic experience
CEO Chairman / CEO Sam Liu
President Hanxing Liu
Senior V.P. / CTO J. S. Pan
V.P. of Finance Div. / V.P. of Administration Div. Pinglin Chen

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